Dain on tour – the ultimative Munich visit

World Meeting
World Meeting

The World Meeting

All the representatives arrived at the old Messe grounds. It’s always good to see everyone. Such a sense of happiness and excitement as the next few days we know will be packed with information, fun and networking.

Over 2 days we had a variety of presentations and workshops, team South Africa also presented on South Africa and what it’s like to live and work here.

On the final evening of the World Meeting was one to remember, so many memories and good times spent with our international friends and colleagues.



Bye Bye Munich…

So our final day was a quiet one, we all had the rest we needed, and made our way back to the airport. We saw a few of the members also arrive, we said our good byes and went through the check in.

I was ready to go home J

I was flying to Doha again with Qatar, with a 7.30hour layover, I explored the airport and managed to get a bit of rest in.

Arriving in Johannesburg, I can just remember the excitement I just had, but I was glad to be home. Nevertheless: thanks Munich and thanks Munich Team for an unforgettable visit! Hope to see you all soon in Africa at fdt 2016.

Benjamin Büttner

Benjamin Büttner

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